Melina News: Week of 2/13

13 Feb

Just got home from LA and taking a few days to relax. I had an amazing time out there, met lots of new people. I had the pleasure of getting to know Stefania Mafra. Shes a newbie but has already shot for Hustler. Very cool and down to earth chick from Florida, miss her already!

Me and Stefania Mafra

While I was there I shot a few scenes for a fetish company called FM Concepts. It is a foot fetish website. Very fun day and great people to work with.2012-02-07 11.50.20.jpg2012-02-07 11.49.51.jpgon set for FM Concepts


Then I met up with Dave (@holodex). Dave owns a really cool and innovative website called pornmodelhouse. And it is exactly that. A bunch of the girls from my agency living together and all the crazy shit we get into. I have one scene up on there now, its of me nude sunbathing. 

2012-02-04 12.46.52.jpgthe sun was in my eyes!


Dave is also so kickass that he is building me a new website! yay!!! Im really excited to get on board with it becuase my site is not based on a membership basis. Each scene is for sale individually. So if you only want to see one scene, just pay for one scene. That easy! Heres a sneak peak of my new site which I have already begun to shoot content for.

2012-02-09 18.58.45.jpg


Here is some good news. The producer of a movie I was in “Girlfriends in Times Square” called me and told me he is putting me on the box cover instead of the original design! I was so flattered and very excited! Here is Loni Evans and I making out on the cover! yumm.


also I just found two movies on VOD of me. This is some of my earliest work. You can find these titles on hotmovies.

“XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 8: Melina Mason”

XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 8: Melina Mason Box Cover


“XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 9: Melina Mason”

XXX Brunette Webgirls 9: Melina Mason Box Cover


I will be back in LA March 6-13th so if you are a producer, please book me through LA Direct Models


Happy Valentines Day 😀





One Response to “Melina News: Week of 2/13”

  1. Anonymous February 14, 2012 at 7:45 PM #

    Hey Melina – thanks for the great update! Just wanted to let you know that none of the images in the post seem to be working except for the XXX Brunette Webgirls graphics…

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