Melina News Week of 12/12/11

14 Dec

Hey friends and fans, lots of sexy stuff to share with you as of lately so here ya go!

My very first scene for Brazzers came out this week starring myself and the gorgeous Capri Cavanni. So much fun! Here are some of the stills from the scene

Last week I shot a scene with a new girl for a new company! The girls name is Papi and she is a true lesbian that prides herself in looking like a convincing male. She was great for her first scene, which was shot by the famous Dan Howell. Here is me and Papi on set

heres a SFW casting couch style video of me for mofos

and here is a pic of my booty shot by Chopper Dave

Christmas is only two weeks away and if you want to get me a lil somthin here is my amazon wishlist ❤ ❤ ❤

In my personal life:

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home this month, fixing up my apartment and avoiding the cold. I’ve been painting and I have plans to replace my flooring and get new furniture after the holidays. This is the first year I have already finished all my Christmas shopping, feels good to be finally done with it all! I have also opened a store in Long Island that I have been focusing on. Running a small business is hard but I enjoy the challenge.  I have been improving my pole dancing skills as well. I practice everyday and I am getting stronger and learning lots of spins yay! I found this delicious new liquor called Qream. It tastes like a strawberry truffle! I recommend giving it a try 😛

thats it for now,  update you soon!



One Response to “Melina News Week of 12/12/11”

  1. Darcey January 12, 2012 at 8:06 PM #

    You look stunning 🙂 Love the top that you’re wearing in the shot with Papi.

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