Melina News: Week of 10/03

6 Oct

Heres what been going on with me…

Just took a trip to Miami and filmed 5 scenes in 4 days! It was so much fun and I got to work with some fantastic directors and talent. I filmed 4 scenes for a brand new company called NationX. They are actually television producers and they are starting a porn company as well. I feel honored to be in their first movie. On set I filmed a solo, g/g, g/g/g and g/g/a and got to work with Carmen Valentina and Valerie Fox. Then I shot a pretty intense solo scene for Mofos, keep an eye out for it! Heres some bts pics of my trip

so that was Miami! Now I’m back home in New Jersey and getting for next week because I’m shooting for 2 lesbian DVDs yayy! October is shaping up to be a busy month for me.

Boobie Progress: 3.5 weeks post op (not bad right?)

annddd check out this nicely done video interview I did with Ellen Stagg and Karmaloop TV


One Response to “Melina News: Week of 10/03”

  1. Anonymous October 14, 2011 at 9:49 PM #

    Hey girly
    Boobies look fantastic, ps its Caroline the makeup artis from MIA, hope all is well, Great work and hope too see you soon,

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