Melina News

4 Sep

Hey everyone! Its been almost a month since I wrote a blog so let me catch you up:

Porno- Heres two solo scenes that have been released for

hardcore veggie lovin

pink dildo smashing

Keep an eye out for me on the 1st episode of the 21st season of the Jerry Springer Show! I was invited on the show to get in a hot tub with some sexy ladies to strip and makeout, it was sooo much fun! They wouldnt let me take any pictures on set but heres what I managed to capture

                                                                                                                            my Jerry beads!

the girls and I at the bar the night before the show

the cute blonde is Jessica and to the right of her is Anastasia Morna

I did some voice over work for a secret project. I can tell you that I got to work with Annika and the famous Bobby Rhodes!

I got together with Bob Coulter and did a shoot for his site I loved this shoot because I got to watch porn and model at the same time!

In other news: I am having my breasts ‘enhanced’ this upcoming friday September 9th. And I am honored to say my last photoshoot with natural breasts will be shot by the amazing Ellen Stagg for her website


This weeks update on is a photoset from when I was 18 years old (before I started modeling). Its a collection of self shot nudes, hardcore sex and blow job pictures. Oh the joy of true amateur porn!

I got hair extensions yay! Say hello to the new Melina Mason!

I got a write up on for my most recent set on, check it out here:

and I did an interview for Leonardo Blues:

and I did another interview for confabnation:

Thats all for now I will keep you all updated on the results of my surgery, wish me luck!




One Response to “Melina News”

  1. Sex Mahoney September 4, 2011 at 8:00 PM #

    I know it’s better for business, but it’s always a little sad when an actress gets enhanced. Godspeed, old boobs. They will be missed.

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