Melina News: February

5 Mar

Okayyyy Lets see….


a couple of scenes I shot for FM Concepts have been released. If you like feet and bondage this is certainly for you!






heres my uncensored twitter avatar that has been requested so many times shot by Jay A Marcus


more shots by Jay A Marcus


my scene “Sex Statement” with Molly Cavalli is out!

I have been camming a lot for Direct Models and Myfreecams lately


Watched a movie I was in, Girlfriends in Timesquare 🙂

In my personal life:

I decided I need a pet in my life. I had my heart set on a guinea pig because they are affectionate and somewhat low maintenance pets. I went to the store and held one, I broke out in hives. So it looks like I wont be getting a guinea pig. My hunt for a pet continues. Its hard to have a pet and do as much traveling as I do. Besides my hunt for a pet I’m happy and content with my life.

Travel Dates:

Available in Los Angeles March 6-12

Available in South Flordia Early April




Melina News: Week of 2/13

13 Feb

Just got home from LA and taking a few days to relax. I had an amazing time out there, met lots of new people. I had the pleasure of getting to know Stefania Mafra. Shes a newbie but has already shot for Hustler. Very cool and down to earth chick from Florida, miss her already!

Me and Stefania Mafra

While I was there I shot a few scenes for a fetish company called FM Concepts. It is a foot fetish website. Very fun day and great people to work with.2012-02-07 11.50.20.jpg2012-02-07 11.49.51.jpgon set for FM Concepts


Then I met up with Dave (@holodex). Dave owns a really cool and innovative website called pornmodelhouse. And it is exactly that. A bunch of the girls from my agency living together and all the crazy shit we get into. I have one scene up on there now, its of me nude sunbathing. 

2012-02-04 12.46.52.jpgthe sun was in my eyes!


Dave is also so kickass that he is building me a new website! yay!!! Im really excited to get on board with it becuase my site is not based on a membership basis. Each scene is for sale individually. So if you only want to see one scene, just pay for one scene. That easy! Heres a sneak peak of my new site which I have already begun to shoot content for.

2012-02-09 18.58.45.jpg


Here is some good news. The producer of a movie I was in “Girlfriends in Times Square” called me and told me he is putting me on the box cover instead of the original design! I was so flattered and very excited! Here is Loni Evans and I making out on the cover! yumm.


also I just found two movies on VOD of me. This is some of my earliest work. You can find these titles on hotmovies.

“XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 8: Melina Mason”

XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 8: Melina Mason Box Cover


“XXX Brunette Webgirls Volume 9: Melina Mason”

XXX Brunette Webgirls 9: Melina Mason Box Cover


I will be back in LA March 6-13th so if you are a producer, please book me through LA Direct Models


Happy Valentines Day 😀




Melina News: January 2012

27 Jan

I’ve been very busy lately doing lots of shoots. Heres what I have been up to

In New York……..



Heres a new movie I am in, and it is my first box cover yayy! Its not out yet, I will announce its release date soon! I had a great time making this movie. I got to work with Lily Cade and Lucy Levon. Two amazing girls!


Here is another movie I am in. It is being released really soon! I got to work with Loni Evans!


here is a picture by Steve Prue. We were experimenting and we strayed from my comfort zone. Im glad I tried something a little more artistic.

Steve Prue shot a pic of me on this big black inflatable cock for a sex toy company wooohoo!



heres a pic from a shoot I did with Ellen Stagg a few months ago, before I got my implants.

In Florida…….


Recently I spent a week in Miami and got to shoot for with the amazing Molly Cavalli. I seriously fell in love with this girl. I hope I get to work with her again. I did not want that day to end ❤


then I got to shoot with Mercedes Lynn, Izzy Bella Blue and a newbie named Koi for bangbros. Lesbian anal foursome hell yeah!


I hosted a party at Automatic Slims in Miami Beach


Even got to spend a nice day on South Beach 🙂

In California………..

Im heading to LA Feb 2-9th producers please contact LADirect Models to book me


Good News! I have become one of the top 8 girls at ECDirect Models. I am so honored and so excited to be standing alongside the girls in the industry I admire most. yay me!


In my personal life:

I got new hair extensions. finally! I have decided I want to start purchasing investment properties in upstate New York. So besides porn and modeling that has been my primary focus.

Melina News Week of 12/12/11

14 Dec

Hey friends and fans, lots of sexy stuff to share with you as of lately so here ya go!

My very first scene for Brazzers came out this week starring myself and the gorgeous Capri Cavanni. So much fun! Here are some of the stills from the scene

Last week I shot a scene with a new girl for a new company! The girls name is Papi and she is a true lesbian that prides herself in looking like a convincing male. She was great for her first scene, which was shot by the famous Dan Howell. Here is me and Papi on set

heres a SFW casting couch style video of me for mofos

and here is a pic of my booty shot by Chopper Dave

Christmas is only two weeks away and if you want to get me a lil somthin here is my amazon wishlist ❤ ❤ ❤

In my personal life:

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home this month, fixing up my apartment and avoiding the cold. I’ve been painting and I have plans to replace my flooring and get new furniture after the holidays. This is the first year I have already finished all my Christmas shopping, feels good to be finally done with it all! I have also opened a store in Long Island that I have been focusing on. Running a small business is hard but I enjoy the challenge.  I have been improving my pole dancing skills as well. I practice everyday and I am getting stronger and learning lots of spins yay! I found this delicious new liquor called Qream. It tastes like a strawberry truffle! I recommend giving it a try 😛

thats it for now,  update you soon!


Melina News: Week of 11/28/11

25 Nov

Just got home from Los Angeles a couple of days ago. I went out for a week and I managed to keep myself really busy out there. I shot 3 scenes, went on go-sees, went to a casting, had dinner at Il Sole and  did two photoshoots. Prepare for a massive photo dump.

did a fun quick shoot for Greg Rutkowski (@Gzone)

the set for Pleasure Dynasty ….yehawww

on set for Brazzers. I shot with Capri Cavanni (love her!)

seeing this at Hustler was pretty cool..I had to take a picture

at my Penthouse go see

Wed Go see’s by @MaddyOreillyxxx @melina_mason @imanirosexxx @AlexisPaige2011 (Group Booty Shot)

Wed Go see’s by @MaddyOreillyxxx @melina_mason @imanirosexxx @AlexisPaige2011 (Front Group Shot)

in the Smash Pictures office from L2R: Myself, Maddy Oreilly, Alexis Paige, Imani Rose

                                                 got new profile pictures for my agency LADirect Models. You can check out the rest on their site
                  these are the stills from a scene I shot for Mofos, its called “I am Free in My Backyard” and it will be released December 5th
                                        this is another scene I shot for Mofos called “I dont care” it will be released on Decemeber 1st
In my personal life:
Thanksgiving was a total bust. I got sick, so I spent the day at home watching mafia movies and tweeting pictures like this
Christmas tree erotica @bobsbestboobs @boobstoday
I’m looking forward to Christmas, its my favorite holiday! I put up my tree last night and I have already started shopping for my friends and family.
Travel Notice:
I will be in Miami from December 6-13th so if you are a producer and would like to book me. Contact Joe Max at ECDirect Models

Melina News: Week of 11/07/11

11 Nov

Hey everyone. Heres what I have been up to

I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve Prue. We got together and took some shots for my agency and then snapped a few pics for another project. here are my favorites..

by Steve Prue

by Steve Prue

Ellen Stagg snapped this pic of me holding the Frank151 Magazine

by Ellen Stagg

Then I attended Exxxotica in Edison, NJ and signed for all three days for ECDirect and LADirect Models. I had such an amazing time meeting fans and doing interviews. I want to do it all over again!! heres some pics of me I collected from around the web.



with Brian Ricci

Me and SeeMoreBoobs

Posing with Italian Bella

Here is a fun interview I did for

Also Check out this interview I did for

Here is the box cover for a movie I am in called “Girlfriends in Timesquare” it will be released in a few weeks

I will be heading to LA next week and I will be available from 11/17-11/21st I can be booked through LA Direct Models

In my personal life, I am learning how to pole dance. It is something i have been interested in for years and I finally got a pole and started practicing on it. Today is my first official pole lesson at a dance studio in Manhattan. Hopefully they will teach me fast so I can start feature dancing!  Heres a pic on day 1 at home.

Thats all for now!



Melina News: week of 10/17

17 Oct

Been a busy bee lately! I’ve shot 7 scenes in the past two weeks and some new pics of me have come out. Let me get you up to speed.

this picture is from my last photoshoot with natural boobs, it just came out on Ellen Stagg’s

A photoset of me (again with naturals) just came out on I dress up as a sexy maid and served and fucked a bottle of Patron for Missy Starr. The pictures were taken by the talented Sean Abandoned, the Bombshell Brats staff photographer.

shot in a pool so my hair is all curly!

This week I shot for two DVDs and got to work with a bunch of hot ladies!  The first movie was shot in Times Square and I had a scene with the famous Loni Evans. Shes so sweet in real life, I love her!! He we are tit to we should be.

Then I went to Long Beach on Long Island and got to work with Lily Cade.  Wow does this girl love pussy. She made me cum so hard I almost cried lol. Cant wait to see what that looks like in the movie.

Lily and I on set

Then I got to have a scene with the cutest half Russian half Asian girl named Lucy Levon. We were immediately attracted to each other so our scene was really intense and kinky. She loves to get spanked and is flexible. We even have pet names for eachother..she calls me “titties” and I call her “nipples” for obvious reasons hah.

Here are some stills just released from NationX with a g/g/g scene I shot for them. I got the pleasure of working with Carmen Valentina and Valerie Foxxx. Those are two amazing ladies. I hope I get the chance to work with them again.

girl pile!

I did an interview for Whack! Magazine. Read about my kinkiest sex experiance off camera and more about my personal life.


Keep an eye out for me in Edison, New Jersey on November 4-6 at EXXXOTICA! I will be there signing for my agency, come down and say hi! I’ll be there taking pictures and selling some prints 🙂

I am currently planning a trip to LA from November 14-21st. If you are a producer feel free to contact my agency and book me while I’m there! Im available for solo, g/g, g/g/a fetish and stills.